Client: FullZoom, the Madeiran subsidiary of MediaLuso, a Portuguese A/V production company

Challenge: to develop an innovative media viewing experience that exemplifies the ideal webTV for the local market. In particular, FullZoom wanted us to incorporate mobile and web viewing platforms and think through the entire lifecycle of the product (discovery, advocacy, etc.).

The first step: to research viewing habits of our target users in Madeira, particularly amongst the youth demographic (age 18-25). The research phase was three-fold. First, we recruited students at the local university to fill out a short survey about different genres of media and modes of consumption to get a general feel for what people are watching. Second, we took a subset of those students and invited them to take part in a 3-day diary study, noting everything they watched and when. Finally, we interviewed the diary participants about the study and synthesized everything we heard as demonstrated in the pictures below.

We learned that young Madeirans use laptops just as much as traditional TV sets to watch TV series and movies despite the fact that many of our personal favorite sites (Netflix, Hulu) haven’t made it to Portugal yet. Plus, many interviewees discussed how they see watching videos as a social activity. Not only do they go to friends’ houses to binge-watch series or out to a bar to watch sports, but the most commonly viewed content is YouTube videos that they share with friends.


“Wasn’t too interested in [Netflix] bc I was busy and bc I prefer
watching shows/movies with other people. Netflix seems like a solo thing.”


Not only that, but media has the power to transport you to other places, whether it’s watching your favorite show with a long-distance romantic partner or logging on to a website to view live feeds of events in your hometown. Since Madeira is a small island, many people leave for university or better job prospects and they use the internet to stay in touch.


When I was away at school in Lisbon, I would watch
YouTube videos of a Madeiran comedy troupe because I got
the inside jokes and it made me feel less homesick.


IMG_0380The idea for our product began to solidify around a web platform in which 2 or more people can watch the same content and comment, draw on it, or chat with each other about it. FullZoom is in a good position to launch something like this because they have a monopoly on livestreaming local content such as soccer games, concerts, and holiday festivals. They also have a willingness to give experimental, original programming a home. We envision a shared, convivial “living room” space that anyone with the appropriate short link can join, utilize shared controls, and customize.


Before presenting the idea to our client, we conducted a short experience prototype. We picked two people, put them in separate rooms on campus, and gave one a link to a soccer video using our platform, Convivio. They could share a link to invite the other person to watch with them. We gathered several insights: we need better feedback on the shared controls of who is doing what, voice and video would be better than the chat function, and it is especially fun to choose videos one person has already seen and then watch them anticipate the other’s reactions. Here are a couple screenshots from the functional prototype demonstrating stickers, drawing, and webcam feeds:



We delivered a service blueprint and promotional video to the client, who showed a great deal of enthusiasm for the idea, especially since the prototype was already functional. We also offered the idea of using the platform for additional revenue by broadcasting content from the many professional conferences that take place at the island’s hotels to participants who cannot travel. Click to enlarge the full service blueprint below.


The team for this project consisted of myself, Michael Richardson, Israel Gonzales, and Juan Corzo. I created the service blueprint, the media survey, and diary study framework. In addition, I analyzed the survey results and presented the experience prototype to the client. 


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