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Overall design aesthetic courtesy of Minjong Lee. I helped formulate the app idea and encapsulate her design into a design spec.

Currently, ambulance workers find checking and re-filling equipment a boring task, but it is extremely important to ensure necessary equipment is in the vehicle aka “rig.” My team designed an app called RigIt! to help ambulance workers check their vehicle before each shift in the quickest, most accurate, and hopefully fun manner. The process to reach our final product follows:

Such Post-Its. Wow.
Clockwise from top left: Research notes from given personas; feasibility/impact matrix of app ideas; wireframe map of chosen idea; initial functionality brainstorm
A section of my Adobe Illustrator wireframes. We wanted to promote teamwork by allowing ambulance crew members to thank each other or give each other a heads up about malfunctioning equipment.
Minjong and I re-design the width and depth of our app after classroom crit.